SSS-T8 Laptop Stand
SSS-T8 Laptop Stand
SSS-T8 Laptop Stand
SSS-T8 Laptop Stand

SSS-T8 Laptop Stand

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The aptly named Solid Sturdy Stand (SSS-T8) is a foldable stand designed to work with a variety of electronic display devices including laptops and tablets. Weighing just 730g (25.75oz) the SSS-T8 provides exceptional strength & stability and can easily support larger screen sized devices. Silicone anti-slip pads ensure the stand stays exactly where you want it whilst you work on your laptop or drawing tablet. The universal design ensures that it is compatible with all laptops currently available with screen sizes ranging from 11.6” up to 17.3”.
SSS-T8 also supports 4 levels of viewing angle & height adjustment and making it one of the most outstanding ergonomic stands for daily use. The fully foldable design means that you can carry this stand around in your briefcase, backpack or luggage and use it anywhere & anytime with your mobile devices.

730g / 25.75oz

Height adjustment

+11.3cm / +4.45 in max.

Viewing Angle adjustment
23-30 degrees

Build materials
Aluminum alloy & silicone anti-slip pads



Pack and go


User friendly


Strength and reliability

The ultimate in support