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Classic styling, superior design & build and the dependability of Pepper Jobs.

XtendTouch XT1610F

XtendTouch connects to your USB-C smartphone* providing you with a high quality desktop screen interface via a single USB-C cable or extends your laptop’s screen to a larger touchscreen.

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One device

Control your entire HTPC

W10 GYRO is the world's 1st and only 6-axis gyro air mouse designed specifically for the Windows 11 system.

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What our customers says

The Pepper Jobs mini PC is packed with features including the ability to run three 4K 60 monitors at once. I tested it with two monitors with different resolutions and it worked perfectly.

Rtech - Amazon US

W10 Gyro remote is just great. I run a Win10 HTPC in my living room. It runs Plex, Chrome, BlueStacks, and some other applications. It's a workhorse but primary use is to run Plex. This remote was a breeze to get working. 

Michael Moore - Amazon US

Using the C2PDA, I finally get great sound when connecting my Note 8 And Note 10 to my older cars stereo system. I can finally listen to Audible books and Spotify.

W. Santos - Amazon US